Nutrition and Movement Self-Care Program

4 weeks to move, connect and grow

without a side of diet culture

We are offering a fun and supportive group program twice a week for you to move your body, connect with others and practice nutrition self-care.

Together, Johnena Stenske and I (Renee Little) created this 4 week program because well...right now life is hard and we want to support you!

Are you having difficulty getting movement

in your week because of a change of routine since April?

Since the start of the pandemic routines have been disrupted, gyms closed and programs cancelled. Many of us are having a hard time figuring out a new routine to move our bodies in new and fun ways.

Johnena Stenke is The Self Care Trainer and is ready to take you though 4 weeks of gentle movement. The sessions will be online via Zoom and no equipment is needed. The sessions will be 45 minutes total with 15 minutes for connection time and 30 minutes for the workout.


Self-care movement once a week with a focus on how you feel, not how you look.


Time is created in each session to connect to others, share about your day and have a good laugh.


Grow your muscles.

Grow your friendships.

Grow your anti-diet knowledge.

Nutrition without Diet Culture

Renee Little is a certified intuitive eating counselor and registered dietitian. She will be offering a weekly nutrition self-care session which will be part education and part action. You will grow in your anti-diet knowledge and then create a nutrition self-care plan for yourself each week.

This is rooted in the values of kindness, body respect and the intuitive eating concept of gentle nutrition.

The Details

We will meet twice a week online every Tuesday and Thursday at 7p.m to 7:45p.m MST. Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Tuesdays = movement   

Thursdays = nutrition self care (with a 5 min dance party)


November 24th and 26th

December 1st and 3rd

December 8th and 10th

December 15th and 17th

Sign up today and get ready for 4 weeks of connection & fun!

This supportive and fun 4 week online group program is only $125.00 + GST per person. Maximum 8 participants.


Registration ends on November 23rd at midnight and the program starts on November 24th at 7pm MST.

Are you excited!? We sure are!

Important Information​

This group program is for individuals over the age of 18 years old and for Canadian Residents only. Johnena Stenske and Renee Little reserve the right to cancel the program if greater than 4 individuals are not registered by November 23, 2020. No refunds will be issued after November 24th, 2020.