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Calgary & Area Events

Start 2020 with a non-diet and intuitive mindset instead of starting it off with another diet. Renee Little, RD has four upcoming seminars in January in and around Calgary, AB.  Join Renee at Airdrie, Strathmore or Calgary to start to learn about intuitive eating, connecting to your body in a meaningful way and challenging diet culture thoughts. 

Wed, Jan 22
Without Co.
Guess what's healthier than kale? Having a good relationship with food!
Join Renee Little, non-diet dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor for a fun workshop to challenge dieting thoughts, ditch the guilt with food and build trust in your body's cues instead. Oh yes...and mindfully eat some delicious locally sourced ethically made chocolate!
Sat, Jan 18
Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge
Heal your Relationship with Food one Brick at a Time
This is a workshop where you get to play with Lego for 2 1/2 hours while you explore, understand and improve your relationship with food! It's a play workshop for adults!
Wed, Jan 15
Renissense Bakery & Wine Bar
Wine Women and Wellbeing - Strathmore
What is healthier than kale? I mean...kale's pretty darn healthy! Have you guessed it yet? What is healthier than kale is having a healthy relationship with food!!
Tue, Jan 14
Sorso Lounge, Espresso Bar
Wine Women and Wellbeing - Airdrie
Good nutrition can be essential for good health but not when it makes you completely obsessed and consumes all your free time. Start 2020 off with a non-diet mindset.