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Virtual counselling service available to all

Canadian Provinces and Territories except BC + PEI

Calgary Location: Sage Meadows Medical Centre, NW

Fuel Your Productivity FAQ

1.  Q. Can I complete the sessions in person vs. virtual?

A. We can meet for the first session of the program in person if you live in (or are willing to travel to) Calgary, AB. The remaining sessions will be available via online video call (telehealth via Practice Better). 

2.  Q. What if I am going on vacation for a couple weeks or need to take a week or two off of the program? A. We can flex the program end date for special circumstances if needed. The best part about the program is it is ALL online so you can easily take it with you on travels.

3.  Q.  Will there be technical support for the online video call system?

A. Yes, before your first appointment I will ensure you are able to connect to the video call program with ease. 

4.  Q. Is the program flexible to provide me with exactly what I need?

A. Yes, even though there is an outline of topics to accomplish each week, if you need more time on one area I will modify your program to best fit you. This is not a one size fits all approach.

5.  Q. Are there refunds available if this program is not right for me?

A. There are no refunds available. When you sign up you will sign a contract for the 6 month program. If you need to cancel your program for a medical reason you can do so prior to submission of your next payment. Please choose carefully when signing up for this appointment, I want this to be the right fit for you.