About Nora Heighton (she/her)

Nora Heighton, Registered Dietitian

Nora joined the Ambitious RD team in May of 2021!

Nora is a Registered Dietitian with 8 years of clinical nutrition experience. She is passionate about helping people move towards a peaceful relationship to food and their bodies.


With a compassionate and gentle approach, Nora finds that she works best with adults who are healing from chronic dieting, restrictive eating, disordered eating and individuals with eating disorders (a diagnosis is not required to work with Nora).

She practices from a (HAES®) approach and often integrates intuitive eating principles into session. Nora believes that no one should face struggles with food and body alone. She holds space for you in session to share your thoughts and feelings with an open and caring presence. 

Nora's Values







Nora works with all folks including non-binary individuals, trans men and women,  and other gender non-conforming individuals. She is an ally to individuals who identify as LBGTQ2+ and it is important to her to serve this community in a meaningful way.

Serving BI&POC individuals is important to Nora and she's worked hard to educate herself to provide a safe treatment space. She continues to do the work as she recognizes her learning is an ongoing process.

Nora also works closely with psychologists, client's physicians and  other health care professionals. 

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Nora Heighton, Registered Dietitian


  • Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Alberta (registration number 2391).

  • Completed 1 year Eating Disorders Training for Dietitians (2021).

  • Yoga for Eating Disorders Mentoring Group (2021).

  • Completed Marci Evans Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders (2020).

  • Certified Yoga Teacher RYT 200 HR (Trauma Informed Embodiment Yoga) (2019).