• Renee Little, R.D.

Improve Your Cooking Skills - Using Salt in Cooking. Part 1/4 Series

Use salt strategically to make your meals taste great!

You may be thinking “There’s different types of salt for cooking?!? Why didn’t I know about this earlier!” Yes it’s true there are many types of salt to use in cooking. Let’s cover the basics so you can be a salt expert and where you can find these different salts in Calgary, AB.

How you can use foods to enhance your cooking without having to over salt foods:

One important things to note or highlight is that as you probably already know, too much salt in our diet is not beneficial to our health. For consideration, think about using salt very purposefully in your cooking to make the food taste great but not adding unnecessary amounts that could be detrimental to your health.

A guideline for good health is to keep salt intake to below 2300mg (1 tsp) of sodium daily from added salt and salt already manufactured into foods (processed foods).

Improve your knowledge about which type of salt to use for cooking:

1. Iodized table salt

Best used for cooking and baking (not for salting meats).

Where to buy: any grocery store

2. Kosher salt (not iodized)

Best used for salting meats because it clings well to the surface and is easy to distribute. Also you can use it to sprinkle on roasted vegetables at the end of cooking for a pop of texture and flavor. Why salt your meats? Well that’s covered in Part 3 of the series so stay tuned!

Where to buy: most grocery stores in Calgary will sell it.

3. Sea Salt (usually not iodized)

Used for salting meats, seafood and vegetables. It’s usually less expensive than Kosher salt.

Where to buy: most grocery stores (ie. Save on Foods) and the Bulk Barn

4. Himalayan salt

This has a high mineral flavor so it’s actually used for seasoning meats, soups, salads and vegetables. Usually it comes in larger particle sizes so you will need a salt grinder to use it.

Where to buy: most grocery stores (Sunterra has the Himalayan salt in a grinder available)

5. Celtic sea salt

Has a briny mineral taste and is used for seasoning meats, fish and pickling. Also need a grinder for this salt as the particle size is large and chunky.

Where to buy: Silk Toad Merchant in Inglewood, Calgary and Walmart

6. Fleur de Sel

Considered to be a very high quality gourmet salt. Used mainly as a finishing salt, to use sprinkle it over a dish just before serving.

Where to buy: Silk Roads Market in Inglewood, Calgary

7. Black Truffle Salt

It’s made of black summer truffles and fine sea salt. Uses include adding to popcorn, mashed potatoes, egg, roasts, pastas or stews.

Where to buy: Silk Roads Market, Inglewood Calgary

Tip for application of all salts:

When applying salt to foods it’s best to sprinkle it on about 12 inches above the food. This helps to distribute the salt and prevents pockets to become over salted.

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