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Interview with Aymie Rondeau - The Curvy Shop

Welcome to the first VIDEO blog for my site. If you love this one....stay tuned for MORE coming very soon! I will be interviewing female entrepreneurs who have business they love because they were able to give up dieting behaviors & spend their time on the things in life that really matter to them.

I was so fortunate to be able to interview Aymie Rondeau who is the CEO and entrepreneur behind The Curvy Shop. The Curvy Shop is an online collective of curated clothing choices Aymie has picked just for you! She created The Curvy Shop out of her own frustration trying to find fashionable, higher-quality plus- size clothing in Calgary and across Canada.

Interview Topics: Aymie and I talk business, about dieting, how she overcame dieting behaviors and how leaving dieting behind has been monumental in her life and business. At the very end Aymie gives all women a valuable tip so stay tuned right to the very last second!

Trigger warning for this video: We talk about dieting behaviors, name a specific diet company and talk about a fat phobic documentary.

You can find Aymie at:

The Curvy Shop:

Find Aymie on Instagram here:


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