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Interview with HAES(TM) Aligned Dietitian Mikaela Jahrig

I absolutely adore speaking with new dietitians who are aligned with Health At Every Size(TM) and who also use Intuitive Eating principles in their practices. It makes me so excited because I get to highlight how as dietitians we can be of service to our clients without focusing on weight loss!

Mikaela Jahrig and I talk about how she found intuitive eating, how it benefited her personally and why it has been such a good fit in the work that she does with her clients. The most amazing part of Mikaela's work story, after working at her job for less than 1 year, is that she managed to accomplish shifting a weight management program to an intuitive eating program.

That is impressive as hell!! Way to go Mikaela!!

Mikaela shares that working with her clients from a perspective that doesn't involve monitoring weight or measuring success with a scale allows her to build more trust and a better relationship. She feels that that her clients can be more open about their behaviors because they do not feel the shame associated with a weight management approach. I couldn't agree more!

Grab a tea or coffee & join us for a fun 16 minute conversation:

You can find Mikaela on Instagram at:

Follow her for inspirational posts, intuitive eating tips and diet culture advocacy.


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