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Interview with Jenna Donovan - The Self Compassion Project

I'm absolutely so excited to share the amazing work Jenna Donovan is doing on Instagram, in her personal training business and just how great of a human she is!

Jenna is the founder of the Self Compassion Project, she is a registered Personal Fitness Trainer with a degree in Psychology. On social media Jenna advocates for a weight neutral approach to fitness and a compassionate approach to health and wellness. There are very few individuals in the fitness industry who are making a career offering body positive and non-weight loss focused fitness training. Jenna truly is a trail blazer in her industry! Yahoo!!! Way to go Jenna!

In our 12 minute interview we talk about why this is all so important to her and how she lives and breathes her values every single day.

Grab a tea or coffee & settle in for a fun chat:

How can you find Jenna?

You can find Jenna on Instagram at

And find her on the web:

On Facebook at:

Thanks for joining us!


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