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Interview with Jenna Soroka

It's time for another addition of my video interview series! I recently interviewed Jenna Soroka. Jenna is a weight inclusive licenced health and nutrition coach. She hails from Edmonton Alberta and we met when she reached out for a wellness project she was working on.

I'm SO excited for you to join in and listen to our interview. Jenna is FULL of energy and has a passion for holistic and weight inclusive centered approach to health. She helps clients focus on nurturing a positive relationship with food and their body to cultivate joy and provide a sensible, sustainable solution to life-long health. Wow! Way to go Jenna!

I adore speaking to other practitioners who have moved away from weight based health and have embraced a broader view of wellness and this interview was really fun! So grab a coffee or tea and join us for a quick 12 minute interview.

You can find Jenna on Instagram or her website:


Thanks for watching!

Renee Little, RD


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