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Interview with Johnena Stenske - The Self Care Trainer

It's time for another video blog interview! I just love doing these interviews because I get to connect and showcase an anti-diet professional or entrepreneur in my community. During this interview I speak to Johnena Stenske who is a weight inclusive fitness trainer who "helps women exercise for self care."

Johnena and I met in a marketing class (thanks to @yycfempreneurs) and instantly clicked because of our shared values of providing services for our clients from an anti-diet, weight inclusive approach.

As someone new to the anti-diet movement, Johnena is all in! A few short months ago, she was planning to launch a weight loss focused group training program just this summer. Once she read the book Anti Diet by Christy Harrison, everything changed.

During the interview Johnena and I speak about:

- working out for self care vs. weight loss and what that looks like compared to traditional training

- why she started her business and her own journey in (and out of) diet culture

- how to know if you're getting enough rest

- what to do if you're not motivated for a workout session

- how to find motivation if you're not working out for weight loss purposes & to set other goals for success with movement

If you are struggling figuring out how to get motivated for a workout without being driven by a weight loss goal listen in! Johnena gives some great tips. Grab your fav beverage and listen in!

Where to find Johnena:

This is a new addition to my video blog entry! I am adding journal prompts so you can enhance your learning from the interviews and continue your anti-diet work.


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