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How Can I Make Peace with Food?

This principle of intuitive eating can be the most difficult to navigate. Within the principle “making peace with food” the goal is to give unconditional permission to eat all foods in order to stop the restriction/overeating cycle.

The Supporting Research

The research proves that if individuals restrict food (i.e. dieting) it increases behaviors such as overeating and binge eating. You might also find this to be true in your life. The restriction and overeating cycle can lead to poor self image, guilt and poor health outcomes.

The Intuitive Eating Recommendations

When allowed to have unconditional permission to eat all foods (only if dieting is put on the sideline) then the restriction and over eating pattern can finally be broken. This is an area where a lot of individuals practicing intuitive eating do have fear and uncertainty. These individuals report that their fear is if they give their self permission to eat anything they want then they won’t stop eating. There are also reports of fear that when given the opportunity these individuals won’t choose healthy foods or that weight gain will be the result.

These fears can become truth if the process of unconditional permission to eat is not practiced with support and in an ideal environment.

How can you have success with implementing this principle?

  1. First you must stop dieting. This principle does not work unless you are willing to set weight loss goals aside and reside to focus on intuitive eating and not weight loss.

  2. Implement a foundation of self care (good sleep, regular meals and snacks, adequate water, mindful movement).

  3. Learn the basics of mindful eating and to practice this for a few weeks so you are in touch with your bodies cues of hunger and fullness.

  4. Realize the difference between Entitlement “I can eat this because I want it” perspective vs. Unconditional Permission “all foods are available for me to eat.”

  5. When adding a restricted or forbidden food in your diet do so in a scientific way as described in the book/workbook.

If you restrict foods only to overeat later in the day or week and want to stop this cycle Intuitive Eating can help you to be free from this unhealthy cycle.

If you have attempted to implement this principle but are struggling & need support, I'm here for you. You can book a free call today and get connected.


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