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3 tips to Mindfully Navigate the Holiday Season

The holidays can be tough in many ways:

  • there are many demands on our time

  • food seems to be everywhere and in abundance

  • we are invited to many parties and small talk/visiting/being out late can be a bit exhausting

How can you mindfully get through the holiday season with a bit more ease?

Tip #1 Balance self care activities with parties/events

You know that when you pack your lunch/prepare dinners ahead, mindfully move your body, drink hydrating fluids, get enough sleep or have some quiet time that you feel great! Can you approach this holiday season by keeping up with most of those activities? When considering going to an event/party can you think about if your self care activities will be put on the back burner because of these events or if you can still keep these core health behaviors up? It's worth a thought when saying yes! You 100% have the choice to say yes OR no to all events. If you find you are attending many many events and getting a bit burned out this may be the reason why. If you can keep up with these core activities/self care needs AND attend a handful of events then you will feel great. When you feel great, you will show up as your BEST self at these events AND have more fun! It is possible to find a balance and not feel exhausted in the New Year. Start 2019 off feeling refreshed and healthy!

Tip # 2: Check out to check in

Check out of the event to give yourself 5-10 minutes of quiet time. Give yourself time to reflect, ground, meditate/breathe and figure out how you are feeling. Ask yourself some key questions such as: am I full, am I hungry, do I want to stay/go home, do I need water, am I enjoying myself?

This time of self reflection and check out will give you a guide as to what you are feeling in the present moment. Allow yourself to take the time to answer these questions and make decisions that will be the best for you.

Tip # 3 Continue your mindful eating practice

Even with multiple distractions at meals you can bring yourself back to your belly/body and use the strategies of mindful eating.

The BASICS of mindful eating are:

  • Breathe and Belly Check for hunger and satiety before you eat

  • Assess your Food

  • Slow Down

  • Investigate your hunger and satiety throughout the meal

  • Chew Your Food Thoroughly

  • Savor Your Food

Use these principles to guide your meal experience so you can leave the table feeling satisfied instead of stuffed.


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