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I am a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating coach and practice nutrition from a health at every size framework. I support ambitious professionals who have tried to implement intuitive eating on their own and feel frustrated and stuck. 


Don't give up! With the right support, you can fast track your learning with intuitive eating. You can feel comfortable in your body, make peace with food and trust your body's hunger cues.

Have you tried intuitive eating but are feeling stuck? I have a FREE workbook to help you identify your roadblocks and tools to work through the top 3 that I see in my practice.

Where To Start

Welcome! It's so great to have you here.  Simply by getting to this spot means you've already prioritized healing your relationship with food and your body. If you have had it with dieting but are not sure how to have a positive relationship with food and your body, your're in the right spot!

Have you read the tried to leave the intuitive eating book and are feeling stuck?

If you have read the intuitive eating book, tried to implement it in your life but there are still a few things not quite clicking...I can help! In 1:1 sessions we will focus entirely on your challenges ( such as fear of weight gain, mindful eating) and break through these roadblocks.

Read the

blog, watch video interviews

If you are just starting out with ditching dieting and learning about intuitive eating, I've got tons of great information for you! Read blog articles on intuitive eating, mindful eating, body image and so much more.

Watch video interviews on how other professionals work with intuitive eating.

Are you new to intuitive eating or just can't get through the book?

 If you are having difficulty reading the intuitive eating book, you are not alone. This book is packed with information and can be overwhelming.  This 6 month course was created for you! It guides you along in your learning each week. You also meet with me monthly to work through any challenges or road-blocks.

Do you have a busy schedule? I've got you covered!

I get it...life is hectic! My online program and sessions are designed with your ambitious life in mind. My services include:

  • Online scheduler with reminders for appointments

  • Virtual appointments you can join right from your phone or laptop anywhere in the world.

  • In the first week you are prompted to schedule in this program and our sessions. If you prioritize this into your schedule, you will prioritize it in your life.

  • Online platform to keep all handouts, instant messages, session summary notes and information sheets organized in one place for easy access.

Three Pillars of My 6 Month Program

The reason I do this work is that I want ambitious professionals, just like you, to stop spending countless hours and SO much energy trying to shrink their bodies. 


I've created these three pillars that will allow you to see a step-by-step framework so you can understand where we will start and head towards in the 6 month program.   You will start with ditching the diet mentality and will be guided towards creating nutrition and movement goals that make you feel good in your body and life. 

It's about community!

It's so nice to connect here! I know from the research on Health at Every Size(R) that an important piece of moving away from the diet mentality is connecting and building a non-diet community.

This is an essential step because your community can keep you stuck or bring you to amazing places from a space of support and understanding.

So...I have created a private Facebook group for this very reason! In this group I can connect individuals just like you from across the Country. In this group I offer intuitive eating education and an opportunity for you to post questions and receive support. 

If you would like to join my community connect to the Private Facebook Group here!

Join my online community and learn more about intuitive eating and more!

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