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Helping you to recover from chronic dieting, eating disorders and disordered eating. Eat without feeling guilt or shame and be supported to fully nourish your body.

A new blog post is up!  "Would you follow a diet program if it didn't promise weight loss?"

New Blog Post Feb 2022

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Where To Start

Welcome! It's so great to have you here.  Simply by getting to this spot means you've already prioritized healing your relationship with food and your body. If you have had it with dieting but are not sure how to have a positive relationship with food and your body, you're in the right spot!


1:1 appointments

In our 1:1 sessions we will focus on your current struggle with food and your body.


This work is personalized to your needs and I will educate, listen and support you to be able to exit the dieting cycle and learn how to trust your hunger, feel comfortable in your body and  ditch the food guilt.

 Renee Little, RD is accepting new clients for start in August.


Read the

blog, watch video interviews

If you are just starting out with ditching dieting and learning about intuitive eating, I've got tons of great information for you!


Read blog articles on intuitive eating, mindful eating, body image and so much more.

Watch video interviews on how other professionals work with intuitive eating.

Stay tuned for a self guided course coming soon.

Do you have a busy schedule? We've got you covered!

I get it...life is hectic!  Our online sessions are designed with your ambitious life in mind.

Services include:

  • Online scheduler with reminders for appointments

  • Virtual appointments you can join right from your phone or laptop anywhere in the world.

  • In the first week you are prompted to schedule in this program and our sessions. If you prioritize this into your schedule, you will prioritize it in your life.

  • Online platform to keep all handouts, instant messages, session summary notes and information sheets organized in one place for easy access.

Three Pillars of My Work

The reason I do this work is that I want ambitious professionals, just like you, to stop spending countless hours and SO much energy trying to shrink their bodies. Everyone's path to healing is unique. These pillars are ones that we consider as an overarching umbrella to support your path onward to ditch dieting/ disordered eating and eat in a way that is nourishing.

Ditch the diet mentality & challenge  food myths.


Nourish your body without guilt or shame.


Create a nutrition care plan that works for you!

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Join my online community and learn more about intuitive eating and more!

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