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Heal From Dieting.  Nourish Your Body.

Nutrition recovery for busy folks who want to fuel their ambitious life

Where to Start

On the booking page  you can book your free 30 min call to get started. During this call I will get to know you and we can discuss how I can help support you in your nutrition recovery. It's an opportunity for you to ask any questions and for me to get to know your needs and how I can best support you.

Renee Little, Registered Dietitian
Nutrition counseling for eating disorders

Virtual appointments you can join right from your laptop or phone

Nutrition recovery plan and education specific to your needs 

Online platform to keep  handouts, messages, notes and information sheets organized in one place for easy access.

Read the Blog

If you're returning here for new information or if you are here for the first time, you can find a ton of information on THE BLOG. ​The recent blog post is on "Why Leaving Dieting Can Feel So Wrong" and and Interview with Haley founder of Weight Inclusive Alberta.Recently I've dedicated to writing more so keep checking back here for more posts. 

Pillars of My Work

The reason I do this work is that I want ambitious professionals, just like you, to stop spending countless hours and SO much energy trying to shrink their bodies. Everyone's path to healing is unique. These pillars are ones that I consider as an overarching umbrella to support your path onward to ditch dieting/ disordered eating and eat in a way that is nourishing.


Ditch a restrictive/ dieting mindset & embrace nourishment

Nutrition Self

Start to focus on eating for self care vs. body size/shape

nutrition plan

There isn't any one plan that fits everyone. Figure out an approach to eating that works best for you

Curiosity vs. judgement

Sometimes a plan just doesn't work, let's get curious as to why to solve the problem

Colored Papers

As Seen On

Interviews with Renee and other community members

Community Connections

It's with great pleasure that have ben able to connect with other entrepreneurs, nutrition professionals and media in Calgary to talk all things intuitive eating, nutrition and more.

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