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Calgary and Area Resource

Support for intuitive eating and movement

Calgary and Online Body Positive Fitness

Maria Schuba Fitness

Body inclusive, safe prenatal and postnatal fitness in South Calgary. 


IG: @maria_schuba_fitness

Body Positive Fitness

Joyful movement for all bodies. 

1:1 training and group fitness in person (Toronto) and online.

IG: Bodypositivefitness_


Worthy AF

A body positive self love club for like minded female identifying and non-binary individuals! A safe environment to let go and have fun as the Worthy AF human you are.

Fierce and Curvy Empire

An all-inclusive full figured dance company sponsored by Dance Code that provides a safe and strong community that focuses on various forms of dance.

Live Well Exercise Clinic

Gym located in Southwest Calgary which focuses on health, wellness and education. They offer customized and supervised exercise programs led by kinesiologists in small group.  Make it known you want weight inclusive approach and they will support you with these goals (no weight or measurements needed for assessment).

Chronic Pain Solutions

Revival Therapeutics & Performance in Airdrie 

Owned by 3 Athletic Therapists dedicated to client education, empowerment and manual therapy. Their philosophy is that pain is not caused by aging or weight. They get to the root cause of pain and help you get back to doing the things you love in life.


IG: @builtbyrevival

Eating Disorder Support

Silver Linings

Calgary and online Eating Disorder facilitated support groups, peer support, health professional listings and resources for clients and their families. 


IG: @silverliningsab

Best Of You

Mobile meal support program that will come to your home and help you or your loved one who is struggling with eating meals and snacks. They also have education for parents on meal support so they can provide it independently as well.

Email contact:

Contact person: Jennie Mendoza, RN

Psychologists & Counselors

Alina Rokhman, R. Psychologist

Specializing in stress and anxiety. Alina has a special interest in working with youth and emerging adult populations who are looking for a safe, modern, and “non-traditional” therapist who promises to always keep it real! She is flexible in her approach, and always welcomes humor into the room. 


IG: @alina.yyc.psychologist

Ashley Pettigrew Psychology Services

Counselling for eating disorders, body image concerns, bpd, trauma, & anxiety.


IG: @ashleypettigrew.rpsych

Being Human Club

A feminist, trauma-informed, multi-disciplinary space of practitioners providing mental health services and other resources. Located in the heart of Downtown Calgary.



Melissa Baisi, R. Psych
Specializing in attachment-based therapy, relationship dynamics, depression and anxiety


Psychology today profile for phone number/ more information



Kate Emery, R.Psych

Passionate about working with clients focusing on women’s health, gender and identity, sexuality, body acceptance, trauma, and general mental health concerns.

Psychology today website link & to book an appointment.

Kobi Rosen (Certified Canadian Counselor)

Her goal in session is to hold space for you to laugh, cry and everything in between. The work you do together will involve tapping into emotions, guiding you to connect with your inner strengths and building up your support system.


IG: @kobi.rosen.yyc

Jolene Siemens, R.Psych

Specializing in a strength-based approach to mental health and wellness. Can assist you to shift negative thoughts about your body and food using CBT, gratitude practices, mindfulness, EMDR and attachment based theory.


IG: @obpwellness


Inclusive Clothing Resources

The Curvy Shop
Size inclusive clothing online on website and on amazon
IG: @shopthecurvy


Curvy Britches 
Trendy, thrifted, full figured fashion.
IG: @Curvybritchesinc


Intuitive Eating Podcasts  


The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love 

Author: Sonya Renee Taylor


Shrill   Author: Lindy West

Hunger   Author: Roxane Gay

Happy Fat: Taking Up Space in a World That Wants to Shrink You  Author: Sofie Hagen

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living  Author: Jes Baker

The Not So Subtle Art Of Being A Fat Girl: Loving the Skin You're In Autor: Tess Holiday

Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement Author: Dr. Charlotte Cooper

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat

Author: Aubrey Gordon

The Mindful Eating Workbook   Author: Vincci Tsui

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works

Authors: Evelyn Tribole and Elsye Resch

Diet Land Author: Sarai Walker

Body Positive Power: How to Stop Dieting, Make Peace with Your Body and Live  Author: Megan Jayne Crabbe

Come as You Are   Author: Emily Nagoski

You Have the Right to Remain Fat Author: Virgie Tovar

Meditation Recordings

Online Courses, Videos, Handouts & Programs

Anti Diet Approach To PCOS with Julie Dillon - live online coaching (not open access)

Eating Disorder Body Brave  Online Workshops

Video recording: Liberating Your Body (From Systems That Teach You to Hate It)

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