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Virtual counselling service available to all

Canadian Provinces and Territories except BC + PEI

Calgary Location: Sage Meadows Medical Centre, NW

Calgary Resources to Support Your Intuitive Eating & Gentle Movement

Calgary Body Positive Fitness

Maria Schuba Fitness

Body inclusive, safe prenatal and postnatal fitness in South Calgary 

Website: mariaschubafitness.com

IG: @maria_schuba_fitness

Every Body Stronger 

Health at every size, body inclusive personal training and group exercise classes 

Values of safety and confidence in the gym.

Website:  everybodystronger.com

IG: @everybodystronger

Body Positive Vibes

Big Girl YYC

Big Girl YYC supports Women in wellness; whether you are big in size, big in heart or big in personality!

Website: biggirlyyc.com

IG: @biggirlyyc

Calgary Psychologists

Ashley Pettigrew

Counselling for eating disorders, body image concerns, bpd, trauma, & anxiety

Website: ashleypettigrew.com

IG: @ashleypettigrew.rpsych

Ashley Bishop Lapierre

Specializing in women's mental health and couples counselling

Website: hopefulhorizons.ca 

IG: @hopefulhorizons.ca

Kassandra Heap 

Couples counselling, self-esteem, queer allied

Website:  www.kassandraheap.com

IG: @kassandra.heap.yyc

Business Coaching


Erin Ekman is a Professional Certified Coach working with individuals and organizations to create long term, sustainable success.

Website: growwithcentrivity.com

IG: @growthwithcentrivity

Online Intuitive Eating & Movement Resources

Inclusive Clothing

The Curvy Shop

Size inclusive clothing online on website and on amazon

Website: www.shopthecurvy.com

IG: @shopthecurvy

The Garment Life

Connecting women and responsible brands

Website:  www.thegarment.ca

IG: @thegarmentlife

Body Positive Fitness

Maria Schuba Fitness Mom Squad

Body inclusive, safe prenatal and postnatal fitness online membership site

Website: www.mariaschubafitness.com/marias-mom-squad

IG: @maria_schuba_fitness

Intuitive Eating Podcasts  


Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works

Authors: Evelyn Tribole and Elsye Resch

The Mindful Eating Workbook

Author: Vincci Tsui

The Fuck it Diet

Author: Caroline Dooner

Anti-Diet (Pre-order Available Jan 2020)

Author: Christy Harrison

The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love 

Author: Sonya Renee Taylor

Come as You Are

Author: Emily Nagoski


Author: Lindy West

Meditation Recordings