Nutrition and Movement Self-Care Program

8 weeks to move, connect and enjoy food

Join us this January to celebrate who you are without dieting.   

Celebrate YOU by moving your body and learning how to create more satisfying meals and snacks. Join other individuals who also want to escape the diet craze this January to connect and have fun!

We are offering a fun and supportive group program once a week live for you to move your body, connect with others and celebrate eating (yes we recognize this is rebellious against the messages to restrict that are so common this month).

Together, Johnena Stenske and I (Renee Little) created this 8 week program because we know this time of year can be triggering and difficult for those recovering from dieting and restriction.

Do you want to reshape your relationship with exercise?

Are you wanting support so you do not turn back to movement programs which are focused on weight loss?

Johnena Stenke is The Self-Care Trainer and is ready to take you though sessions of gentle movement. The sessions will be online via Zoom and no equipment is needed. The sessions will be 60 minutes live every second week and 15 - 30 minutes of a recorded session the alternating weeks. 

Sessions will have a self-care and not weight loss focus.


Self-care movement with a focus on how you feel, not how you look.


Time is created in each session to connect to others, share about your day and have a good laugh.



Learn how to make food taste amazing and ramp up the satisfaction in meals and snacks.

Enjoy Food!

Renee Little is a certified intuitive eating counselor and registered dietitian. She will be offering an every second week nutrition self-care session which will be part connection time, education and part action.

At the hub of intuitive eating is satisfaction with food.  You will learn how to cook foods to make them taste amazing (such as using salt, how to cook meat, tofu and make veggies actually taste good). 


We will also talk mindset around nutrition & how to practice gentle nutrition without a side of diet culture.

The Details

We will meet once a week online every Tuesday at 7:00p.m to 8:00p.m MST. Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Tuesdays = movement or nutrition self care live group video weekly.

There will be a movement or nutrition self care recording on the weeks that this topic is not covered live.

Dates for Live program

January 12: Nutrition

January 19: Movement

January 26: Nutrition

February 2: Movement

February 9: Nutrition

February 16: Movement

 February 23: Nutrition

March 2: Movement

Sign up today and get ready for 8 weeks of connection & fun!

This supportive and fun 8 week online group program is only $195.00 + GST per person until January 8th. After January 4th the pricing will increase to $225.00 + GST.  Maximum 8 participants.

Registration ends on January 11th at midnight and the program starts on January 12th  24th at 7pm MST.

Are you excited!? We sure are!

Important Information​

This group program is for individuals over the age of 18 years old and for Canadian Residents only. This program is for all folks and we will be mindful of pronouns during the sessions/ introductions and we are both queer-allied. 


Johnena Stenske and Renee Little reserve the right to cancel the program if greater than 6 individuals are not registered by January 11, 2021. No refunds will be issued after January 11, 2021. Live sessions will be recorded and will be posted in Practice Better.