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Free Intuitive Eating Journal

If you are just starting or are already well into your Intuitive Eating learning, I've created a simple IE journal for you to use at the end of your day for reflection and further growth.

The Intuitive Eating principles are used to improve an individuals relationship with food and shift the focus from weight reduction to whole body and LIFE nourishment. If you're not familiar with the principles you can read up on them in here in my 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating blog post.

An intuitive eating approach focuses on nourishing the body and building a peaceful relationship with food. It guides good nutrition from a perspective of internal motivation and from a place of body respect instead of focusing solely on weight loss goals.

This free intuitive eating journal can be helpful at the end of the day to observe, identify and reflect upon how you put the IE principles into action.

If you would like a word document worksheet please connect with me on Instagram and send a DM


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