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Virtual counselling service available to all

Canadian Provinces and Territories except BC + PEI

Calgary Location: Sage Meadows Medical Centre, NW

Nourish Your Vibrant Life VIP Coaching

What you eat (and don't eat), directly effects your energy, productivity, creativity and capacity to concentrate and bring your highest performing self to your life.  If you are constantly in a battle with food and your body it can make fueling your body properly next to impossible!


Take a step forward to a life where food feels nourishing, stress free and enjoyable. Over the course of 6 months in this program you will learn the principles of intuitive eating which will help you accomplish the following:

  • Create a nutrition self care plan (with no restriction or dieting)

  • Create a plan to engage in physical activity for fun and to feel good 

  • Learn how to recognize, honor, and trust your body's signals of hunger and fullness 

  • Conquer challenges of dieting and emotional eating 

  • Learn about diet culture and dieting thoughts and how to shift your mindset

I want a better relationship with food so that I can eat well with peace and ease.

Step 1: Apply for the program

Step 2: We will contact you to arrange a 30 minute call

Step 3: Start on your path to self acceptance, leaving dieting behind and instead creating a vibrant and nourished life.

Included in the 6 month program:

Individual counselling

Individual counselling appointments:

  • 1 x 60 minute initial assessment (to be completed within the first 2 weeks)

  • 11 x 30 minute appointments 

  • These appointments will be completed in our virtual counselling room.

Weekly Support

Weekly support including 

  • Review of your journal

  • Unlimited access for messaging 



  • 3 month access to an online self study Intuitive Eating course with weekly tasks, prompts and worksheets

  • Receive a copy of the Intuitive Eating book mailed right to your doorstep (this book is yours to keep).

Investment: $200.00 per month for 6 months

Please note investment will increase as of January 2020

How does the program work?

A mindset shift from dieting to nourishment isn't a quick fix. It takes time. In our first meeting we will have a full comprehensive assessment (60 minutes) so that I can get to know all about you.


During this initial appointment you will have the opportunity to discuss your dieting history, stress, movement and eating habits and struggles.


After your initial session we will meet monthly for 6 months to work on goals, discuss readings/ education items from your course and work through any difficulties you are having with food, your body and dieting thoughts. 

You will also have full access to message me (via Practice Better App) at any time during the program. 

Download the program outline for full details on the program.

You can't fuel a vibrant life on coffee, rice cakes and salads! 

Learn how to leave dieting behind so you can nourish a life that is vibrant and energized!