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Interview with Jessica Eddy Non-Diet Registered Dietitian for Aerial & Performing Art

Jessica and I met about 4 years ago while she was completing the requirements to become a dietitian. Since she's become a dietitian, Jessica has been on fire with her business and life. She's created her business, found an amazing studio to teach dance at and continued her own dance practice which is a huge passion for her.

During our interview, Jessica shares with us about why she made a switch into pole fitness and how it gives a lot back to her personally and for her students. When she pursued a professional dance career she was told her "hips were too big," and her legs too short by ballet companies. This is diet culture at it's finest, isn't it!! So she make the switch to pole and fell in love with it! She shares the things she loves about pole in the interview, and they are MANY! So grab a tea or coffee & settle in for such a great conversation that will possibly leave you wanting to sign up for the next pole fitness class in your area! You will want to stay tuned to the very end because in the last 3 minutes Jessica shared 2 valuable nutrition tips for aerial and performing artists.

You can find Jessica on Instagram, Facebook or her website:



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