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Interview with Jessica Serdikoff - Empowering Dietitians

Hello! I am SOOOOOOO excited to share this interview with you! Jessica Serdikoff is a fellow dietitian who hails from New Jersey. We had an engaging and passionate conversation about intuitive eating! Jessica and I chat about how in our dietitian profession intuitive eating and weight inclusive care is a refreshing take on our own approach to nutrition and how we help our clients.

Jessica runs her virtual business Empowering Dietitians ( as well as having a job in community in New Jersey, US. Jessica and I connected on Instagram @empowering.dietitians in this past year and her posts challenge and educate dietitians to be more confident and find their passion within their profession.

If you are another dietitian or someone interested in learning more about how dietitians use Intuitive Eating in their practice, this video is for you!

This interview is so valuable! So go and grab a tea & settle in for an educational and interesting 18 minutes!

You can find Jessica at:

Follow Jessica on Instagram & don't forget to sign up for her monthly newsletter here.


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