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Interview with Tia Bell - Unscripted Co.

I sat down last week with personal coach and Registered Social Worker Tia Bell. Tia lives in Okotoks, Alberta and her and I originally connected on Instagram (isn't it such a fabulous networking platform?).

Tia and I hit it off right away because she was very interested and open to learning more about Intuitive Eating and the Health at Every Size approach and I wanted to connect with her to participate in her Burnout Study she was conducting shortly after we initially connected. I have experienced burnout in the past and was interested in helping her to understand burnout better.

As a result of her Burnout Study the data she collected showed similarities among social workers, chefs, business analysts, solo entrepreneurs and teachers with regards to experiences in their lives relating to burnout symptoms. Coping strategies and common themes were uncovered through the study and Tia has taken these lessons to inform the way she currently works with individuals who find themselves going through burnout.

In the past year Tia has grown her business and now helps individuals to manage stress, navigate burnout and understand their own passions in life so they can get onto a path that feels in alignment with their values.

Tia and I sat sown to talk about her business and also how she has embraced the Health At Every SIze (TM) approach in her life and also with her clients.

So grab a coffee or tea and join us for a 30 minute chat that we hope you will enjoy!

How You Can Find Tia:


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